Blacksmith Event: Forge cooldown is several days, not 12h max.

I’m on Samsung Galaxy S7 - Android 8.

Started a forge on all items, troops, spells, obstacles and towers, only to discover that the cooldown is several days, instead of the max 12h as the event should give.

Edit: Some additional info. I had the BS event banner in the top of the screen with a red animated arrow pointing to it, pressed the banner and pressed the “Let’s get started” button, then a green background with the king & queen appeared, and nothing more. Waited for a few seconds, and backed out from that screen. Tried the same procedure again just to be sure, but with the exactly same result. So maybe that’s the reason, but I’ve never had to “start” the event myself before.

IGN: Kong Lynge - Danish Knights

Hi KongLynge,

Does the BS Event finally work for you or is it still not working?

And what do you exactly mean with “backed out from that screen”? Did you close the app or did the app crash?

Hi Sasch

I managed to start a forge on a tower, which now has 5h cooldown, so it seems to be working for new forges, but I can’t start any more, since all the towers/obstacles/items/troops I started earlier is still on several days of cooldown.

By backing out, I mean pressing the back button on my phone, which just returned me to the home screen of the game, with the red arrow still flashing on the BS event banner. No crashes and didn’t close the app either.

It’s unfortunate there’s no adjustment time for forged that started before event. For safety in the future, if you online before the event started and pass through when the event started don’t just believe and press “Let’s get started”  button, instead you can log out for approx 10 - 15 minutes before login again to start your forging.