blacksmith event forgotten?

seems like blacksmith event is left out by flare…

feels like it was a year ago since the last event…

most of us are waiting for it to come back when will flare give it a go even just once a month…

It’s only been about a month since the last BS event. There are other events that are useful other than the BS event, for instance, Boost your Offense, Boost your Defense, and my personal favorite Alliance Party. But we also must remember that there are more than 4 events, so we won’t get BS event every month, though it’d be good

I gotta tell you though, I’m gonna be disappointed if the next event is a pal collector…that’s the true BS event :lol: 

A month? Try about 3 months!

It hasn’t been 3 months. At MOST it’s been close to 2 months, but still, my point stands, there are many events out there, so we can’t ask for BS every single month. You must also remember that we had the Blacksmith event very often towards the end of last year, from around September-November we had it at least 3 times. Don’t worry. We’ll get a BS event soon enough

I think we haven’t had one since mid November so that’s 3 months… 

Maybw the blacksmith needs to purchase a new hammer from the granny, but they are still dealing about the price.

I also hope to see a blacksmith event, soon. 

Blacksmith is busy these days in making the new mecha-armors.

I started playing the game in mid December and I have seen this event, so at most it’s been 2 months.

Still with Conquest pearls and Ninja pearls player get. Hope to see a Blacksmith after the Boost your offense finish next week. I have 9k pearls so I hope to be able to forge a little bits. Just wait a Blacksmith event to do it.

I think the last blacksmith event was in late November / early December.

It’s been too long since the last one.

Last year we got a fantastic 1 week long BS event. I’m really hoping we can get a massive blacksmith event again, soon.

I’ve been saving Pearl’s for an upcoming BS event. Hopefully we get one soon. They’re always quite helpful for my defense

You sure it was last year?  It feels like it could have been 2017…  

In two days… :slight_smile: 

Blacksmith event or a Alliance Party will be awesome. I just wait that. Aliance party to up at 500k donation and Blacksmith to forge my stuffs twice or triple. Hope one day to get a Blacksmith again

I think we will all be happy now with the current community week. Enough blacksmith to forge and melt all stuff down wemve collected so far. :heart: