BlackSmith Event..::New Rule!!??

The information on 3x pearls says, (as shown in pic). So if we start melting the items before the event starts and collect after it has started(as we do evertime) then what value we will get 1x or 3x. Plz make it clear @GalaMorgane so that I can start melting the items. 

Warning :warning: : Plz don’t use collect all button. It may ruin all your saved ubers. 


Looks like it! A message is clear in game, just we need to make sure to let our mates know about new rule, many might get fooled


There’s strange rule explanation that contrary to it’s list too. Mistyping?



You won’t get 3 times the amount when you melt now, and then collect after the start of the event

In my announcement I also see an error, improved odds to melt down an item. That must be improved odds to successfully forge an item.

Another remaining question is, do we get triple pearls from items where melting process started during event and are collected after the event has finished?

I think it will work like it always as: you get 3x the pearls when you collect during the event.

However, since this is a week long blacksmith event, I would not risk it. Just wait for the event to start before you melt anything. That’s what I’m going to do.

Not sure, it is clearly said " [3x the amount of pearls] affects meltdown jobs that are started while the event is active" .  I personally won’t risk melting anything today :wink:

I know it says that, but I think it’ll work as usual.

However, don’t risk it. :wink:

With FG who knows :wink: Will appreciate if someone puts a crap item to melting today to test it though :wink:

You can test it and let everyone know if it worked :wink:

RIP KK :wink: So you will test it for all of us if it really doesn’t work anymore :wink: Thanks :wink:

Easy and simple test… just put a random item (maybe buy 1 from granny or get it from cof) and wait for tomorrow and see if you see a difference.

This won’t help for people who want to start melting beforehand…

A better test would be if someone from Flare answered the questions.

The event is for a week right? Chill out guys. Just start melting AFTER the event starts =p

Chill out?  No one is freaking out here. They’re just asking for the rules to be clarified. 

The biggest gains in blacksmith-event were: melting before, collecting after the start… so yes, it would be usefull if a Flare employee could react and clarifie :-/

I get that is important when we have 1-2 days BS events, but this one will last the whole week. You’ll have plenty of time to melt everything.

you ask for an answer on weekend? lol