blacksmith event next

just sein it on fb thought I let u guys no I think its a rubbish event to have what do u think

90% of the events are those that bring cash for flares. Rubbish and disappointing.

But hey, who cares. An event is a plus anyway, even a lousy one.

hah!.. FG needs to make another bank account…

Why rubbish? I made 8k pearls already… really needed for all the perks

Aether is late to announce the blacksmith event… Or made typing mistake must be drunk… It’s written as February… But its March… “Aether you are kamre”

You made 8K already in 10Hrs…!!!

Which means you used up a lot of gems…

We don’t have so many gems(Certainly don’t wanna buy so much)

LoL? 9 hours waiting time for only one item? Is that real? :lol:

This event is the worst event i have ever seen in this game. All about gems,pearls. Everything makes me vomit. Even gold decrease is a joke. Who do you think we are? Stupid marionettes???