Blacksmith Event - reduce cd for all current forges in progress

As we saw during the advisor event, the dungeon digging was reduced to the 1 day limit.

Could this be done for the blacksmith event (and meltdown madness / community events) too - reduce all current in progress forges to the 12hr cooldown?

I imagine this would reduce the need for most people on the forums trying to find out what event - if any - is on so no need to hold back forges / trying to guess what event is on.
It would also make it easier for flare, so you do not need to worry about announcing events in advance / on time, no need to let players know there will be no event.

It would make the events more enjoyable and can be kept a surprise…
rather than a weekly source of frustration for many who are waiting for the event announcement (or announce no event).

I’m missing something, what cooldown is there for the blacksmith? I know there are times it takes to melt items but that’s not exactly a cooldown…

It’s when you forge one of your item perks (using pearls). There’s cooldown time when you want to forge again for same item that you forged before.

Ahh. Yes, agreed then. Been forging my skull bonuses on my gear but it takes above a week for things to cooldown… And that’s after spending 1000 gems per forge (2 tries times 500 pearls each). I think both of those are a bit ridiculous to say the least…


As mentioned in other thread, the most useful part of the offense event last week (for some/many) was just that it was announced 24hr in advance so people could forge for the week.
This change would be a welcome quality of life change allowing forging without having to worry / guess if the next event will be BS event.

even better if this change was extended to other events such as the last offense event so everyone who needed it could sill benefit at least little.

It would be useful to watch videos to decrease further cooldowns also for the forgings.

that would be too much, if you consider all the spells, items, troops, towers, obstacles that would be crazy amount of videos…

still hoping they would reduce current in progress CD to max cooldown limit for events, though not much hope.
not much hope though!

maybe when a new CM comes on board, they might go through suggestions and just make quick comments which suggestions will / will not be looked at by flare.