Blacksmith event today?

Hi flare,

Will there be a blacksmith event today? Or for that matter any event today?

Why we should have an event? I am joking, but we don’t have time for events.

This conquest is already sucking up the last second we have of free time. To make it worse, even time we don’t have is spend to this conquest. I even don’t have time to do raids for gold. Fortunately my taverns generate enough gold to donate, otherwise it would be even more crazy.

I don’t get it, we waste plenty of time, for gaining no gold, even must waste gems (for cof skulls) and what rewards we get by playing the conquest? Not even war chests for scored skulls, we get a shot at very low rewards (a few low level chests, for example an epic gem chest ??!) for spending 40-80+ hours on participating a conquest. This feels more hard than a real job. And that every month for 8 days?

No thank you flare, either change this time demanding aspect or my advice is to leave the team (drop it below 15/20 members, what the minimum is for participating) before the conquest and rejoin after start, or just to ignore this conquest at all. 

When more teams will do this, it will be a ghost conquest, only 1 or 2 teams participating. I would do anything to avoid that flare, so remove/change the time demanding aspects to make them less intense.

I will give one extra response (sorry for going off topic). 

We are now seeing some action and need to go on for 6 more days. This will become even more time demanding. With the low amount of rewards (read, we even don’t gain chests for progressing with scored skulls!) a blacksmith event (coming on topic) would be no good moment. We simply don’t have chests with items in stock, plus… We don’t have gold to melt those items, since if we have gold, we need to spend it on upgrades. 

So how much I like blacksmith, best time is after ninja or war season.

As a first challenge for you @Madlen ?

Could you tell us if we will have any event this week?

i would stop playing conquest just to get blacksmith event


Challenge accepted. I will find out and let you know asap. :slight_smile:

A “don’t-go-to-sleep” event is already ongoing…


Hi, there will be an event coming your way tomorrow guys :slight_smile: ! Teasing for the update in-game should start this evening at 5 pm UTC. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the answer ?

Thx for the update


We wish u all the best.   We will try our best to give constructive criticism.    But u are also joining when many old timers who know the game extremely well are tired.    

All the best.   

I can see this new event being a festival, and the sword being a coffee mug called “Spilled Coffee.” Of course, the coffee is relating to the “Don’t go to sleep event”, as NYB called it

You are welcome.

Constructive criticism is always welcome.:slight_smile:

Thank you!

just AT event with suprising 50% off - hmm maybe people arent eager to spend gems anymore? :wink: