yo flare i need a blacksmith event



Now they’ll activate it tomorrow

yeah coz Putin said so 

They scheduled one for tomorrow

Thanks flare games

Don’t believe they have listen you. Its just because the cycle of event make its was the turn of Blacksmith Event all the others have pass. I wanted to give you some precision on the situation :grinning:

I think Vladimir Putin dnt need your explanation. Be careful, the poison is coming

Thank you for making this happen 

that you like it or not. the fact is the fact. You cannot change that. We have Blacksmith not because someone ask for it but because the cycle was on Blacksmith lol. Poison is coming you? Not a big surprise 

Pfff. Its for sure becuz he asked to make BS. Without this post it wouldnt be 

Yeah obviously. He asked for it and then it came. No idea why this warrior guy refuses to see the obvious.

Maybe he is jealous because he ask something also but flare didn’t listen to him.

Can you also please ask them for an Aska collector-event? Thanks in advance.

Good job, Putin! Told you they’ll activate it for you

I got one in my pal chest today ?


I know I have right anyway we have got few weeks ago Pal collector,Boost your offense,Boost your defense,Alliance Party and Granny Event. Did I miss one? I don’t think so its The turn of Blacksmith. Yeah I don’t have wrong. You can check each date of each event who have pass. I make video if you don’t remember lol. I know what event have pass. I record each of them

lol alright I don’t argue anymore. I let’s people think everything they want. If they wants to believe its because of a guy who ask for it.So be it then…same if its false.Nevermind we have Blacksmith and everyone is happy.The End

by the way lol next time Putin ask for Aska Pal collector lol or Nidhogg. So wait 2 or 3 days and create a topic Aska Pal Collector. Maybe with your power we will have this pal for free lol

Wait…why not ask for Nemesis Pal collector. Oh yeah Putin flare will listen you with your power lol. We will have this pal for free. No need to spend 150k crystal. After you will ask for Ceres,Eris and others to allow everyone to have them for free. Thanks really appreciated


Try to reach Putin. If he will help you we will see the Nemesis pal collector.

how many evidences do you need to understand they did this BS only cuz VVP asked them?

So we finally get a blacksmith event, which is the most popular event, and then it only lasts 24 hours which severely limits its usefulness due to forging cooldowns and how much time we can spend on melting.  Seriously?  Sigh…  The minimum should really be 2 days, IMO.  Even better - add a recurring weekly hour Meltdown Monday event (24 hr). :slight_smile:

25 lol was missed in the message lol

Oh yes the blacksmith event is here, awesome I’ve been full of uber items and now I can… Wait, its one day? 


Great I get to melt down Maybe two items… 


Edit: no, I don’t get to melt one, even with the boost it’s going to take a day… 

You could melt lower valued items instead you know.

They could have the event for more than a day you know.