Blacksmith event

Hey there, still need that blacksmith event thanks 

I’ll get right on it.


I really need one too, I’m kind of desperate here to melt down dozens of items and chests.

And not a 1 day event this time. It’d be great to have a longer one, like a 3 days event.

I know what you mean, I was full of uber items before that pointless one day thing

So do I have to spam this? 

Please don’t spam, or the Gods will punish us with a pal collector event.

Flare is like the president of the USA in every movie.

They don’t negotiate with terrorists.

Alliance party? Wtf? What’s next, a Screw You Touch This And We Reset Everything Event? 



This was @Jzinsky face when he read “Alliance Party”.

should you?

Well… That depends if you want your kidnapped wife back or not  :stuck_out_tongue:

I would give them 50$ and tell them to keep her ! ?

Seriously? Boost your defence? Again? What do we have to do to get something useful? 

Pay money for gems…

After one week,. They will come back to u with 100$ and beg u to take her back since they cannot handle it. ?.    (Vice verca for the girls out there too). 

long time we don’t have got a Blacksmith Event. I just wait that to unlock my Blacksmith Slots

We had a BS event last month (June 14th). If you look closely we have 7 different type of event

  • Blacksmith
  • Boost your offense
  • Boost your defense
  • Boost your castle
  • Uber granny
  • Alliance party 
  • Pal collector (THE BEST !)

I know you all love the Blacksmith event ,even though the Pal collector is the best, but don’t expect to have Blacksmith every two weeks. Like BS event, some other event, BS event, some other event, and so on. 

I personnaly expect a BS event in two weeks right after my beloved Pal Collector event. And please make it a Growl event, he’s the best pal ever!

I totally agree! This is the one and only true  BS  event