Hey flaregames. A while ago I created this thread 

I created this because I needed a blacksmith event to get a new blacksmith slot. A few days later a blacksmith event was announced. Also, the thread got 30+ replies. Well, I have 7000 gems saved up, and I need another blacksmith event now so I can buy my final slot. Kthxbai. 

 Thanks Sir. Looking forward to the upcoming BS-Event!  :slight_smile:

We all need a Blacksmith event 

I’m saving some pro items to melt and because of that I’ve been having full inventory since forever now 

Also, the chests, that I only open when they are about to expire, hoping a Blacksmith event will start soon, just keep accumulating…


I do the same @Darkerion, just most efficient thing to do is to wait to open them during events. Gold is more valuable during defense events and can sell when things are cheaper, and pearls/melting is more valuable during BS events for the added boost.

@Darkerion, good luck opening those chests! That should keep you busy for a few hours ?


Yes please, blacksmith please, been too long! Or even better, combine blacksmith with the event that reduces the conquest buildings prices!

Yea please put a communtity week with BS right at the beginning.

I propose a players week.

Let us choose the components of it in a survey. Would be AWESOME! ?

Next week blacksmith please? Have over 60 pro items that need to be melted…

after the ninja event never included the blacksmith

There are too many blacksmith event in less than 3 months: it’s the 4th one since September. The last alliance party was in August. And in the last months, the frequency of weekly event is reduced (now we have to wait about 10 days if we are lucky). Finally I will have to waste thousands of gems to speed up forgings about my items with skull gear.