Blacksmith Event

in present blacksmith event I forged my sword to increase slow down perk…but their is no increment…i lost 350 pearls but it not increase .1% …it show successfully forged…pls give my pearls back :’( also their is no successful forged probability increase…it still same…it always wants 2 time pearls for single forge :’( u always greedy…i lost around 800-900 pearls but nothing got :’(


it is increased only that if you have slowdown perk very high the improvements are few and what you increased is rounded…so for example you have 7.00% slowdown perk you increase by 0.1% but in reality maybe is 0.04% and then the result would be 7.04% but it will be shown as 7.0% visibly (rounded).




“The chances of upgrading an item successfully are slightly better”!



Better chances for upgrade success is only ITEM? or or even for spells, towers, troops…?


before forge it shows 6.9% and after forge it still 6.9% … Before forge it shows (+0.1%) but it not add in 6.9% :slightly_frowning_face: