Blacksmith event!

hello all

i like more this events all is good, but i like more blacksmith event!! :slight_smile: let’s go i need more pearls for my towers and spells ??


I need to get rid of some high pearl items to free item slots. Unleash the pearls :lol:

Flaregames know how pearls its needed by everyone why do a blacksmith event like each 2 month. so rarely. I think its time to Flaregames they understand Blacksmith event should be after each ninja event because people get a lot of Uber Chest there and to rid off unwanted uber items. Why each time we are forced to ask Flaregames we need a blacksmith event, later someone must ask again Flaregames we need a Blacksmith event,etc…

Its simple Flaregames Blacksmith event after the Ninja Event. people who have gain Uber Chest in War Season + Ninja Event can melt Uber items at this moment. This event should be regularity

I check In official and the last one was in Community Surprise week. In October 7th or around. Come on we need a Blacksmith Event each 2 weeks at least after Ninja Event

yes, me too think this, but for me is indifferent, first to ninja event or before this! ?

boost your defense is very good event for all, but there is very frequently

Thousands of pearls can be won in ninja/zombie wars, with 50-300 gems spent and a little skill.


Also, meltdown time per pearls IS ONLY 30%


That is really not much better than usual. it’s not so useful, at all. Especially because it comes right after wars, when you are full of chests and gear.


The only thing useful it the reduction of price on the slot.