Blacksmith Fiasco

Dear Flaregames:


We admit that you have a great team of marketing and development, cause the game is getting more and more fun to play without any of us get board or feel the routine of the same raiding and game concept.

The clever thing that you do and we are all happy with it, you are always changing the game concept into more fun way and you always have nice and original ideas to offer.


Also we all acknowledge your need to increase your profit through us buying gems and most of us are doing it, and we are happy to spend some money on a game that all of us are enjoying.


I guess you are waiting for the big BUT to come……

But you are over doing it you are really over doing it ,

We all love the new blacksmith and the idea of better equipment so we can fight and compete with each other, but the concept of it is tooooooooooooo much,

It is really becoming like gambling , most of us hate gambling cause it is immoral and wrong and it is really costing us lots and lots of pearls which is equals a lot of money,

I am not saying to remove the concept completely, and as I told you we understand your corporate need for profit, but keep it less expensive and lessen the gambling concept cause it is really frustrating and annoying.


You should consider that most of the players are of young age and not all can afford large amount of money to spend on the game, so they will find themselves that they cannot compete anymore with rich players and they will quit the game completely.


When you make things less expensive and considerable more players will be willing to pay, so you will get more profit than before, it is a simple sales strategy that you should implement it.

If you are going to keep this clear policy of ultimate pay to play then you will lose more, cause the majority of the players will just stop buying anymore and ultimately you will lose.

You have great ideas to attract us to keep playing but you did not consider the new concept well cause it will untimely backfire at you.


I know that you listen to your players, so hopefully you will consider what I said.


Best Regards


IGN: Luay Victoia

Very well said.

Totally agree.


More than 22k to open all slots is too much too for almost 95% of the players unless they wanna buy gems.


We understand that this game is business and for sure many developers are working hard on it and need to get paid too but also the players need more free features like flare earn money to keep going and improving and players have fun but recently almost all the new features need gems and in THOUSANDS 


We need more free features


Yeah, the slot cost is ridiculous. 

I have a maxed out Alliance Tower, but I can’t ever imagine maxing that out. 

Seriously, the Alliance Tower wasn’t even close to that expensive.

Agree. It was 4K last level as I remember while this cost almost 5 times the alliance tower

I jus got over my addiction to gambling… but using black smith has made me relapse!!!