Blacksmith forging tweak

Increase cost of each forge by i dont know 5 times more ? But with a guaranteed success.Enough of this stupid game of luck!! 27k gema spent to melt pearls slots that gone to waste after each failed forge, scam!!

And still yet to fix the same perk after removal, fix it!

Hey, according to oPelle’s wiki the success chance for second forge is 67.5% but its exactly the opposite for me, my failure chance is 67.5% as I failed twice to be successful on my third time.

You cant trust wiki for this blacksmith spin thing

50% chance doesnt mean you will succeed in at least 2 trials. it can be 3, 5 or more trials.

if your 1st trial failed then your success rate on 2nd trial is 50%, if you still failed on 2nd trials then the success rate for 3rd trial is still 50% again.

your success rate never increasing on next trial. it is about your luck…