BlackSmith improvements suggestions

The BlackSmith (BS) has been released for months, but I think there are still a lot of improvements for this “old man”  :wink:

Here are my suggestions, I think would be really useful for almost all players includes me of course 


Show more informations for BS’s [i] icon, such:

           - Amount of Pearl melted down in 1 day (or 24h).
           - Total melting down time remaining.
           - Total pearls will be melted down currently.

You can see in the pic, there are a lot of spaces still for that.


BS can produce “pearls per hour” just like Farms and Taverns, collect those “produced pearls” by tapping the BS with pearl icon above, the amount would depend on BS’s level, total melting down slots

The pearl icon will be for that purpose not for collecting all pearls inside melting down slots at same time.


Still need some more suggestions from other players, please write it down on replies so Admins and Dev’s can see your ideas :slight_smile:  

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:  

I loved the pearls per hour idea. it would be really nice if the blacksmith can still produce some pearls even if we don’t melt anything. it’s really hard sometimes to keep melting items 24/7