blacksmith is not working properly

I try to upgrade archer and froster in blacksmith after 1st attempt was failure. 2nd attempt was failure as well.I have lost in total 221 pearls. As I remember it was announced that 2 nd attempt will be 100% successful! Or maybe I am wrong.

This has happend to me a couple of times but usually because of slow connection or that i reconnected to the game…

Were they consecutive attempts, or did you do one, log off and come back, then do the second? If they are not consecutive, it will reset. When you go to forge make sure you have enough pearls for at least 2 rolls at a time. You will never fail the second roll if they are consecutive.

That’s what I do. I never try if I can’t buy a second roll. If I get it on first try then it’s a celebration. I treat success on first try like a 50% rebate.

The blacksmith never worked properly, any other company than flare… He would be fired immediately

I did a first attempt on upgrading the wolf which was a failure and I had not enough pearls to do the second attempt. Two days later I did the second attempt and it was a success. I noticed the same behavior with other upgrades. So I don’t know if I was lucky every time on the second attempt or if the game keeps track of the attempts no matter if they are not consecutive.

consecutive both times


for futur player. When you boost unit,spell or defense if you fail try it again for 100% success be sure you have the double of pearls before try