Blacksmith Melt Time Broken

My maxed blacksmith is taking forever to melt down items.  Overnight (8-10 hours or so) he melted one standard item, and that was boosted.  Now he’s reading over 8 hours to melt an 8 pearl item.  Once boosted that was down to around 2 1/2 hours.  I think he’s been backlogged for a couple days, I can’t even open chests anymore since there’s nowhere for items to go.


Seemed to have fixed itself for an item or two, but now it’s reading 1 day 8 hours, 3x boosted, to melt a 99 pearl item.  This is a maxed meltdown slot/time blacksmith. 

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OK, just logged on to find this one, it may already have been being worked on for a while, but now there’s almost 23 hours remaining for a 36 pearl item: