Blacksmith meltdown bug

I am having a problem with meltdown during blacksmith event. I started a zelos helmet for meltdown then did battle and melted down a legendary army piece. It changed my zelos helmet to match legendary armor. I did another attack got rare boots in chest started meltdown on that and now showing I have 3 boots melting it switched both my pro item and legendary item to all rare boots. That is a difference of over 2k pearls lost please help.

To follow up I aborted meltdown in the order of which I had queued items for melting and now in my inventory it shows the correct items I had but of course I have lost the 2 million plus gold it cost to start them.

Iceman, I believe this is just a visual bug.  It has been around a long time.  When item finishes melting, you still get the correct amount of pearls.

Thanks Paul I wish I would have known that they were getting ready to start melting so I stopped them and lost out on the gold I used to start but no big deal.