Blacksmith Meltdown Button

Hello Flaregames !

Please introduce the amount of pearls next to directly melting down button in Chamber Of Fortune it is only showing the gold which is required for melting down an Enchanted , Epic , Rare or Legendary Item ?

When your blacksmith slots are al unlocked, you can calc it by yourself. For every 25k the item is worth selling, you gat a pearl. So for every 100k you get 4 of them. 


Seems i getting less pearls if i use this button! Is it only mine problem?

The cof items seem to give less pearl valued items. I raided this morning with luck gear and found numerous items. Strangely enough they are only grey or green with ridiculous low value. 

Blacksmith event is still active (triple pearls), yet the highest value pearls I found is 25. There must be some bug, since this isn’t normal.

Usually you can calculate the number of pearls by dividing the selling value by 25k, I don’t know if they also changed that. 



If i start melt from inventory i got like 550 pearls for armory. For same armory from Uber( but using this new button) i got only 180


So it’s a bug. better not use that button it seems. So it seems it doesn’t hold reckon with blacksmith event. Thank you, so for the moment it’s better not to use that button.

I tjink they make all items half-price (at the moment they add uber in granny?)

Similar old items in my inventory cost 2 times more

Button is not the case, check it yourself

I kept an item and indeed, still same amount of pearls (absurd low). either the algorithm changed (25k per pearl when selling an item with all slots unlocked) or the items are worth less, including the ones from COF.

Whatever the reason is, I honestly don’t care, all I (and others I assume) want is that this is fixed as fast as possible. I don’t want 90% of items in cof green/grey, give items like before, including legendary and purple ones with good gold values.

Melting an item costs ½ of it’s selling price. Price : 2 is much simpler math than Price : 25k, so it should display pearls rather than melting cost, if it can’t display both for whatever bizarre reason.

I wonder if they accidentally factored in the price of forging it if it is supposed to be 25k per pearl. Also, remember you have to take into account any boost applied by the level of your blacksmith. IE at level 4 or something you get an extra 200% conversion rate. Maybe they didn’t factor that in with the bug

What?  300K gives me about 80ish pearls. 

Is this with only 1 slot open?

I still want a melt button in the general inventory as well.

And I don’t care if there is a conversation ratio, I don’t want to do math, I would like all melt buttons to tell how many pearls you are going to get.  Personally, I don’t care what it costs just take that number away.

When you have all blacksmith slots unlocked for and buy an item worth 1M, you get 24 pearls. Selling value of that item will be 10% of actual price. I made a mistake in the calculation. So it’s gold value divided by 4166.667 to find the pearls. So 300k+ gives 72 pearls. 

Right, who needs a pearls indicator by the melt button when they can do the math in their head.

While we’re at it, it wouldn’t hurt to be told ahead of time how long it will take to melt an item. Or is flare trying to turn us into savants, doing all these absurd calculations in seconds (gold/4166.667=x*137 or whatever seconds. What, you can’t calculate this? Weakling. ).

When you know that a pearl takes 20 seconds (without boost max blacksmith) to be converted and you know that you get around 24 pearls per 100k selling value, you can guess the amount of pearls you will get approximately. Just don’t divide by 4166.67, but by 4 and for every 25 pearls you have as subtotal, you subtract a pearl. It’s as simple as that. so you know almost certain how many pearls an item is worth.

You know that 3 pearls take 1 minute (max non boosted blacksmith) to be converted and for a boosted one you get triple amount of pearls, so 9 per minute in that case. So it’s not that hard to calculate how long it takes. 

It’s all about making it easy for yourself. That current generation needs a calculator is absurd, it’s just very simple to do by heart. 


The game already knows how many pearls an item will give when melted. Why not just tell us instead of making us do math?

Yes, that’s true. It can be implemented easily.