Blacksmith Meltdown...Really

More like Skumbag Meltdown. Hahaha. Flaregames has turned the blacksmith into the most hated character in the game. There’s even death threats and a bounty on the bird…lol

Players…don’t let this bone toss distract you. Instead of a long-term problem fix they’re giving you a short term event.

They are listening to us…but they’re greedy and can’t admit when they’re wrong. We want problems fixed permanently !! No band aid, no sugar coating waste and serving it to us as candy,

We players see what’s happening in game. Strong players and alliance friends are quitting the game by the hundreds. Players quitting and leaving open bases. Its sad…Just because you had to let your greed go over the top and try to scrooge us during Christmas.

I’m not spending a DIME on gems until I see " Permanent" changes for the better. Short term events are not the answer.

I think Flare hates the Holidays.