Blacksmith melting time seem not right ?

IGN : Soilwk

So my black smith show that it melt 1pearl per 1m14s which mean around 51 pearl per hour , i dont know if this already counted the event and ads boost but 1 day 4 hour should be time for 1428 pearl , not only 767 pearl right ? Please check .

This is not a bug, while your item need 15h to melt, the forge boost only last 8h so it is normal that if you don’t boost again it takes more than 1d

Same problem for me. It is not only a display problem. Even without boost, it should be only minutes for the first item.

IGN: Bernd.B



Might be, that a wrong item is display at first slot. It could be a pro item with >2000 perls.

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well, ok i will wait for second time boost to see if it show correctly 7 hour when boost  active next time 

179 * 4 = 688s 688/60= 11.47mins… but in reality it is over 25min… IGN Saitta

In fact I found out, that only a wrong item is displayed. After time ran down, I got > 2000 pearls, as i melted down a pro item. So time and pearls are correct.

This happened to me this afternoon  :stuck_out_tongue:

In my case, it was because the Blacksmith boost was gonna end before the item was completely melted, 
so it was giving a reduction on meltdown time only to the pearls that would be melted while it was activated,
and giving a normal meltdown time for the rest of the pearls that item was worth

After the boost was over, like 15 minutes later, I reactivated it, and the time to melt the item was matching the meltdown time per pearls again

I am having a similar issue and it is not because the boost was ending.  There was at least 6 hours left on my boosted blacksmith.  My blacksmith is fully upgraded with all slots unlocked so melt time should be 4 secs per pearl.  I recorded these numbers.  I melted an item worth 212 pearls and the time displayed to melt was 16 mins and 29 secs.  But 212 pearls * 4 secs per pearl = 848 secs / 60 secs per min = 14.13 mins to melt.  Why the discrepancy?  I tested several items and they all had a similar discrepancy.  To get the time it actually took, the melt time would more like 4.67 secs per pearl. If they are just rounding off, shouldn’t it display 5 secs?  That’s closer than 4 secs.  A second example is an item worth 103 pearls that took exactly 8 mins to melt.  But 103 * 4 = 412 / 60 = 6.86 mins.  Both of these tests were done with no other items in queue before item was added to melt so it was not a display bug like sometimes occurs.

I had over 5 hours time left in boost. So couldn’t be because of that…