Blacksmith One Time Offer and BS Equipment

So I got this One-Time Offer and, of course, since I’m a free player I won’t buy it, but it seems…eh. The equipment is cool, but the stats are AWFUL! The one thing that I do want to point out, is that we finally can get stats, on equipment, to move up the strengths or speed of a certain pal. As you see the 3rd picture shows the shoulder pads with a special Eldrak boost! ’

I’m really hoping that we can just get a Blacksmith Festival with this equipment AND the Blacksmith’s bird as a pal!!

Can u post pictures with all items one by one please?

New pal perks incoming…

The only thing you need to know that you can’t see is that the Spell Perks are ALL Hammerstrike!

The other perk on the boots are Hammestrike as well, I think

Thanks. I’ll waiting this offer then?

you can unlock new color:


Really cool. I like Hammerstrike. Please Flare do a Blacksmith Festival soon. I really need to recuperate all my awesome stuffs one by one like the Fire Aura Ring

BogdyOne, You can easily check them on your own.

  1. Go to the big, pink treasure chest in the bottom left of the menu screen.  

2.  Open the One Time Offer

  1. Click on the Blue “i” button (information)

You will be able to view each item, and what the stats would be for you, not another player. 

That time i didn’t have the offer 

If they make ceres perk, I would buy for sure…

I’m pretty sure there will be a Blacksmith festival soon. Yeah, the fire ring rocks. mine is now at 5.1K damage per second. Really usefull for ninja event.

Only if Ceres gets more moral for copying.