Blacksmith pro-item lost

Here I was melting some pro items, to get the best of this Blacksmith event:

This was from this afternoon (smartphone):

Now, I still had that last item melting when I suddenly remembered to open my free daily legendary chest.

Got a few gold and a blue rare item.

I clicked on the melt button and guess what? Worst decision ever (PC):

It replaced my better pro item by the item I had just ordered to melt!

How bad can this be?

Oh, and if you’re wondering, it really is the same item! As you can see by checking that:

  1. Both have a pearl value of 78, which is the exact same.

  2. 5hours and 33minutes was the time for my “lost” pro-item and not for this one.

My Blacksmith has full slots and with the advertisement boost… It would never but ever take this long for such a weak item, as you can see below:

So let’s do the math: 78 pearls x 4seconds = 312 seconds = 5.2 minutes.

As you can see, this time is referring to the lost item.

I’ve seen this bug for a long time but only now we’re noticing the full effects of this, given the BS event.

Please take a look into this issue and raise a defect for maximum priority.

Thanks in advance.

This is only a very old visual bug. Your 3rd pro item’s visual appearance was replaced by that noob cape.

The meltdown time is correct and you’ll still get the appropriate amount of pearls. :grinning:

This is just a visual bug where your on-going melting item’s image replaced by the item you newly melt.

And no worry you will get back the correct amount

Really? I never thought it would be just a visual bug, since both item appearance and pearl count had changed.

I can’t confirm it, since I clicked the resource collect button this morning without giving a check to the amount.

Anyway, if it’s an old bug… It should have already been fixed.

At least I’m more relieved it’s just visual :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answer @ARREBIMBA and @Elexyz.

I can unfortunately confirm that items are indeed lost. But in my case it’s different. I can add more items than should be possible, according to available spots.

I first opened blacksmith to validate how many slots were available. I had 1 free slot and the item in conversion still needed 50 minutes to complete.

I then opened a legendary video chest, in the hope to get some gold. It contained 2 items. I was able to add both items to blacksmith and especially the second one did surprise me, since I knew there should be no available blacksmith slot. Still I was able to add it and so I did.

Due to visual bug, I can’t see which item wasn’t there any longer, but last added item (while there was no space) definitely is not there at all.  So items indeed get lost. 

Now in my case, I expect a hammer item in those slots, not worth much, but if this also happens to pro items, I would not be that happy. The item in conversion is still existing, so that one is not lost, it’s the item added last that’s gone (at least I hope, since visual bug is preventing me to see the other pro items that are waiting to get converted).

Having said that, this certainly is a bug, we should not be able to add items, when no slots are available. and definitely no items should get lost that are added to blacksmith slots. 

Hello there @ShadowsGuardian,

as the other players have already pointed out, this is a display issue only - your items are actually not lost, the server still holds the correct information.

We are aware of the fact that is issue is quite annoying and has been in the game for a long time now. We are still looking for a way to reliably reproduce the issue so we can properly fix it.


 @Dena4  thank you for your detailed description, we were able to reproduce your specific issue.

It turns out that after sending an item to the melt queue while having a particularly slow connection in that moment, the “send to melt queue” button is not greyed out for the next items in a chest. If the player then attempts to send these items to the queue and has no slots left, this indeed results in all items after the first one being sent that way getting lost.

We will fix this with a future game version.

Are you kidding? This bug reported at ~1st day of BS existence



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December 24, 2015