Blacksmith Shop should be for Customizing NOT getting Random Perks!

The whole idea of the Blacksmith’s Shop is that we could customize our weapons! 

The Random Perk actually is directly contradictory to the idea of customizing! 

I like the Blacksmith’s Shop, but!  We should be able to choose our custom perk.

I have actually two set of uber armor, and out of all that I only like/ue 3 of my perks!

That really puts me off my uber armor. 

Please let me do what I’m supposed to be able to do in the Blacksmith’s shop and customize my armor by choosing my perks!

I’d get excited about my armor and I’d been spending a lot more pearls and gems!

yes i think so we should customize our weapons and one suggestion there is some effect of weather that we change in RR2 

Yeah random  success/fail chance and then random result…


Pay without knowing if you get it and paying with no idea of what you have a chance to get. Disaster

100% agree. It is a bit like playing roulette without even knowing on what numbers you actually are betting… 


But as the usefulness of the perks doesn’t really seem to be balanced out, I guess their random random pay2luck is a way of ensuring that only the biggest spenders can “choose” the best perks on purpose, by retrying often enough, to avoid a few more useful perks to be used by everyone, while other (less useful ones) are ignored.

Unbalanced secondary stats did already in the past lead to everyone going for scream boost eventually, which then was nerfed down drastically… now they can rest assured people can’t just pick the effective stuff but have to take nearly anything they get, so flare don’t have to deal with proper balancing


And of course, it is the consequent continuation of the skulls in chests - replacing playing effort by payment, and payment effort by sheer luck… 

I agree i max out my weapon to uver gear and received the annoying xp boost stat. I tried to remove that annoying xp spot by using 50 gems. then i used 40 pearl to blacksmith then received the same annoying xp boost stat again which i just recently remove.


Flare admitted there is an: “error” where users are getting the same perk back! 

But I don’t think that’s something they should even be looking at! 

They should just make the perk your choice!

The blacksmith is about customizing not getting random junk!

Have you tried turning it off and on again?


I would be happy to pay more gems just to be able to choose which perk I get. Hate this random bullshit. Especially when so many of the perks are completely useless.

Good point, why random…ah could be there is just too much code to be written…or perhaps NOT totally thought thru all the way from the get go…

Same here. Eventually you get so many awful perks that the item becomes useless because it’s not worth upgrading anymore due to cost.

I completely agree!!!I have spent ovr 400 gems trying remove perks which I don’t want…nd that chances is pretty stupid…nd the increase in stat after a success is so lil lyk +0.2?? Really?? rather stick to legendary items than umber…i don’t want a blacksmith who doesn’t knw wat he is doing nd weather he ll b successful or nt…