Blacksmith: Skull Bonus Perk

Hi Flare! I just watched the blacksmith video you released and I must say it looks very cool, I would lik to see the different possibilities to get uber gear!! But Id like you to make one change to the blacksmith before you introduce it. In the video it shows that you can add additional skull bonus to your gear. Please please PLEASE don’t introduce this! Keep the wars a level playingfield and don’t make it even more pay to win… I hope you rethink this option and don’t let it see the light of day.

I also saw bread bonus. Is that for real? :open_mouth:

I agree with this. Just remove additional skulls from uber gear. 



More detailed information about the blackmisth should be communicated during next week :slight_smile:

Why wanna remove it ? It is possible for everyone to acquire this skull bonus gears I’m sure, thats fair enough though some may take time to get one since pearls might be a problem for free players mainly

Its not like loser bonus at all where only loser gets it

Because its 100% pay to win.

How is it 100% p2w ? I think free players can get the skull bonus gears too

If the argument “free players can get it too” is valid, than nothing in RR2 is pay to win. They should just bring back all skulls in last chests, yes you have to spend gems, but free players can get gems aswell, so why not?


Yes, free players can get it aswell, but players wanting to spend massive money will get like 10% total on all their gear, while free players or less spenders no longer can compete. All other stuff, like faster cooldowns, more damage etc is completely fine by me. Make raiding easier for people who are willing to spend real money on the game, they deserve an advantage. But don’t give them a huge advantage in wars, what can’t be compensated by skill/talent, but only by paying yourself aswell.

I think we should reserve our judgement until we can get our hands in the update, looks like fun. hurray for new content. Whatever happened to the new pve mode they said they was working on along with login bunus. hopefully a nice christmas present

Its completely fair for me Vester, free player can get 10% bonus too if they have the pearls.They can claim from melting gears,opening war chest when silo and chamber is full.Maybe it’ll be slower process but thats the advantage of being a paid player, you get everything faster.

Tgl have 15k pearls being a free player :grinning:

Its like wave upgrade, some get them max in one day while others wait 18months to max them.I’m sure for gears it wont be that long, probably 2months at most ? Depends how much pearls it’ll cost to forge a good Uber gear.

Anyway, I’m not complaining until I see how the blacksmith actually works.

I don’t like random aspect of upgrading. I’m almost sure there will be possibility to pay gems and have 100% chance of succesful upgrade. But I still think that will be good update.


Unlike the wave upgrades or faster cooldown or more damage etc, skull bonus on gears will influence the outcome of a war directly.

I agree with you Vester.

It’s true, free players will be able to get it maybe in 2 months, but that will just increase the gap. Because what makes the difference now its whether or not you win the wars.

A good advice for flares would be not to take free players as free players, but as potential buyers, you have to motivate them to buy, not to give up.

I see no problem with the skull bonus.


Hopefully Flare makes it easier to get pearls since we will rely on them more now.

I am wondering what the golden stars mean. If they are full, does it mean the item can’t be upgraded any more? It sounds logical to me, otherwhise granny becomes obsolete, since you could upgrade the current items forever.


It looks promising and a very interesting addition to the game, good work flare. We will wait for the results, I only hope we don’t need to spend gold or gems or even pearls to open the blacksmith shop.

Changed title to be more understandable.

It isnt just free players, its all players who arent willing to spend massive gold. And by having this ‘perk’ top players will be morally forced to chose this perk above all the others because this could give their alliance the victory. This while all other perks might be way more awesome to use, but morally wrong.

I’m in a top alliance and I won’t be making skull gear.

I prefer to have gear that will make it easier to beat tougher bases.


No one is forced to do anything. You can just make whatever gear you want.

it isnt really pay to win…it seemed like gold to win, if you saw you can smelt items you dont use for pearls…so…yah…

Forge multiple set of uber gears and change accordingly, everyone will have it.Who spend more will have better gear at faster rate and advantage in war.Use your ‘more awesome’ uber gears outside war.

The thing is its not the same as buying chest, you wear gears but still need to complete your raids to earn those skulls.Its not like loser bonus either, cuz this time winners can have it too.