Blacksmith Success or Faliure



I have a suggestion and would like to have a fruitful discussion to it.


This is regarding the Blacksmith Success or Failure.


We have all come to accept that this feature is like gambling and there is a lot of inquisitiveness of what we are going to receive. So much so that when a forge results in “FAIL”, it is heartbreaking. Success, on the other hand, is briefly enjoyable till the result comes out.


What is suggest is to have the forge always a success. This will not result in high palpitations and the sense of losing the pearls. However, the game mechanics could be developed in such a way that the success results can lead to an item, which can (if the player is not happy) be removed once for free (with a cool down period), and then charged as it is now.


It is better than fail, which is emotionally very depressing, especially when there is so much hope is attached to the unseen result. 





If you were around when the dungeon update came out, you may have noticed that some players were finished with the entire thing day 1.

That’s a huge update made to the game that only offered a single days fun.


If the success rate was 100% on blacksmith, as you suggest, everyone would be done with him in one day too. all our smithy fun would be over. and we all would have the same awesome perks. more or less. and everybody having the same perks is the same as no perks at all, is it not?


As far as being emotionally ready for the success rate, please check the perk odds for all posted at this forum under guides. You can use that to know exactly the risk/rewards at stake before you decide to spend your pearls.



yes, true. I do not think that the upgrades will finish like that. Instead of “FAIL”, it can be a perk of let us say (eg) XP boost 1.5%. Next time he gets a perk somewhere else with XP boost 5%. Obviously, the player decides to remove the first XP and get a new perk.


It’s basically similar to the current concept except that every time you forge you get some perk (useful/useless). At least you have value for the pearls that you spent.

It takes time to save up pearls…the fail is a con!!

Ive had more fails than success and lost so many pearls.

I only get pearls in chests won or when have had a few gems and used them so got few pearls that way.

Its annoying im saving up to upgrade 1 item for a week or 2 only to get nothing.

I don’t disagree with Huck but the proportion of fails is ridiculous. Especially as gear becomes outdated due to king levelling up and granny/chests offering better gear than you have spent pearls developing.

Either make the gains massive with high failure or keep the gains minimal with lower failure.


Finish dungeon in 1 day? How many gems did they spend to speed up all the digging then?


The fail chance on items above level 8 is absurd. And the gems cost from going from 12 to 13 is 175 per attemt with like almost 10% success chance thats just crazy…  and then u can find 15 pearls in a 3rd chest in COF? seriousely???


I found green items in first chest i can melt for 40 pearls and in 3rd chest i can get 11-15? haha? good joke flare


That’s why you don’t upgrade low quality items. I only upgrade legendary(yellow) or epic(purple).



And your point is ? If you check the gold value of this item, it’s probably more than the gold you will get in a second or third chest. Why does is get to be different with pearls and why is it bad ?



I only upgrade legendary, but if u get the same useless perks over and over before u get what u want you are gonna end up with a high + level and the costs will be completely crap and the success chance even worse


The green items I can find for 40 pearls can be worth like 200ish…   while in a 3rd chest i can find 300k

40 pearls and 15 pearls… thats my point, should be rather obvious

How many melting slot do you have at the Blacksmith ?


I have three slot (+30% pearls) and when i get an item worth 300k, it only gives me about 15 pearls.


You have also have to take into account that gold,bread, vouchers, pearls and gems also have a quality. You can get a normal quality at the third chest or a legendary quality. It wont be the same amount.


On my side I take the Blacksmith as it is. A gambling functionnality added by Flare, and it works like casinos. You will loose more than you’ll win.

I have all slots unlocked

So thats why you get high value pearl items. You got 4 times their value in pearl because of the numbers of slots you have unlocked. An item normally worth 10 pearls is worth 40 pearls to you.

Yeah most of us can’t afford to unlock all slots or even half. Why? No tapjoy.


As I said in other threads, windows users (which I am too) probably makes only a tiny portion of the users. Tapjoy and Fyber video are not supported on windows app so Flare can implement them directly. They would have to find other similar thrid party ad network. I’m pretty sure that they are other third party network available but it would ask too much development time vs the return of investment. Thus the situation that we have now, no free fodd/gems for us.


P.S. That’s my theory.

Except we were linked to a slideshow online from Flares’ development of this game and it described Windows users as an “ocean”. That comment suggests there are a whole lot of Windows users not to mention the frequency of comments on the forum from Windows users. I believe we are a much bigger proportion than previously suspected.

Tapjoy had 2x gem rewards in xmas and again in new years i got enough to unlock all slots in smith, upgrade alliance tower and still 15k left :wink:

LoL. Don’t u get it? Macamus is having fun with u guys :wink:

Actually its true im not joking this time…


I spent a little money though, tapjoy offers depends on your country but I had some where I deposit 20 NOK like 2,5 euros and I get 8k gems etc during the double gems payout events

again tapjoy only for certain users game is very very unfair to players, never saw any company do this, and i play allot of games, this the worst company to player so far, i thought kabam was bad but atleast they gave to everyone stuff, not just some

C’mon Macamus, stop scaring the Windows users into extinction. The species is endangered already :wink: