Blacksmith trouble

To get one pearl my blacksmith need 4secs. To get 705 pearl he needs 47 minutes. But if you looks at screenshot he want to give me pearls only after about 2 hours. Why it again works bad? Every week i need to write to supportwith different problems. And often i get no answers…

It really working bad again and again.

4secs fo 1 pearl but it didnt work…

Hahaha looks at him. He want to give me 32 pearls in 26 minutes. Please stop this bugs!!!

These visual bugs are brought up several times in the bugs section, but haven’t been fixed for ages…

It is not a visual bug. I have been waiting for 3 hours now on 111 pearls at 35 sec per pearl


this time for all the pearls in the smithy.


911*4 sec=3644sec


similar to the truth?