Good Morning
I’m a bit confused with this blacksmith, and the question is … how come I paid more gems to advance the melting of supreme items, what paid to melt the pro items?
I feel that all this in this game is turning favor to certain players and alliances.

It’s based on remaining time. Did you check the blacksmith boost? If your boost has 1 hour left, the “skip all” button will only count for “1 hour boost” + the rest as unboosted. So never use the “skip” button when your boost is about to finish.

the melting of the pearls happened in two accounts in parallel the melting of the supreme items happened in my account, and the pro items at the same time the blacksmith started.

in my blacksmith has a total of 5070 pearls to melt.
doing the beads gives a total of 30420 seconds or 507 ninutes or 8:45 H

in the blacksmith with pro items has 12178 pearls to melt which gives a total of 73068 seconds to melt either 1217.8 m or 20: 29H
the Blacksmith is still starting, so it was 48 hours until the melting is normal.

now my question is I paid for advancing the blacksmith with 5070 pearls more than someone paid to melt 12178 pearls …

You completely missed the point. LacunaC was talking about boost Time e.g. the 8h boost for watching ads, not the Time the blacksmith event is running.

Yes double check that the blacksmith is boosted (has purple around it). Also remember that the level/amount of slots of your blacksmith heavily impacts the time it takes to process items, and therefore the gem costs to skip the wait in the blacksmith. I hardly ever spend gems in my smith, but if I do it’s hardly anything, because mine is maxed in both level and slots and I ensure it is boosted (purple) as well.

Exactly, my BS is only level 8, so I don’t get to melt down items very fast

Couldnt boost mine because I never have any videos available???

To comfort you, I was also not able to boost blacksmith that often.

Cool down of videos made it impossible to boost a lot of times. I was fortunate to boost it when putting pro league items in it, so it was boosted till in the morning. Then, automatism made me make a mistake, watching a video for chest, after that I realized, I should have boosted blacksmith instead.

Yes me too… pick your chest or the boost. I logged in and by force of habit got my chest… oops no more videos for that event???:frowning:

Thanks for the information i know that . You look well at my numbers aim giving 6s per pearl on both.  I have almost 3 times more time  to melt pro itens and price is less as supreme itens . Read again publication