so this blacksmith bonus is going, says increased forge rate, but not how much…so far every time i forge my troops…fails first time, just like it always did before…is this a 1% increase?

Yeah they might as well stop with this whole increased chance thing because it’s not really different than usual. The green section on the chance spinner is indeed larger than standard but so what, if 7 times out of 10 you still have to forge twice to get the desired result - just like with normal chances. I get there’s the whole rule of streak thing and all but come on.

It’d be more noticeably beneficial if blacksmith charged you less pearls per forge during event, since you always do double attempts anyway.

They would have a more consistent reward across players with a 30% lower pearl cost per forge.

Luck is wonky at best and not consistent across players so its not a great or consistent offering.

Using luck is like saying We have an event and if you are lucky you can join and get benefit? It doesn’t inspire excitement as the outcome is wonky or a non-event.


in total agreement with u both!!! would attract way more pple to play if they didnt have to get pooched with an event like that

lets hope a flare employee took notice of this and forwarded it to the developers, sadly no one else posted. the game almost dead?

cant see how…very fun to play

Moving this to ideas/feature requests