Blacksmith's discoveries

The secondary… er, tertiary stats you can put on your equipment as revealed in the Blacksmith video (check flaregames’s facebook page or their youtube channel) are as follows:


XP boost

Skull Boost

Start Morale


Life Drain




Hero Health






Sonic Blast




Toxic Cloud


NOTE: there are probably more…


The video does not say that you can forge extra stats onto equipment that is not legendary! If one can only forge legendary gear it will be sad but fine. I could live with it. But what I really want to know is this: what are the stars all about? Can we only forge our items only 5 times each, since there is only a maximum of 5 stars seen on any one piece of equipment? And the word SUCCESS that you see at the beginning - is there only a certain probability that it will be a success? And once I put a stat of some type onto an item, can I switch the stat to a different type of stat?


I’d like to see what you guys think of the video, and whether you think you have answers to any of my questions.

I think it’s a kind of evolution, just like other RPG games.

Of course i will do a tutorial also on this new feature in the meantime until now this is what i wrote down in my note. (also do not forget we’ll have more info about blacksmith concept next week)


What i understood from the video:

Personally i would divide perks in 3 section:

  1. Troops Perks divided in 2 types: “shield icon” and “star icon” (P.S. immediately i thought star icon was refered to monsters (mummy,ogre, etc) but gargoyle has shield icon so maybe these 2 symbols have different bonus).
  2. Spells Perks have “smash icon” and seem all corrected;
  3. General Perks : farmer, luck, life drain, hero health, etc

Regarding troops and spells perks probably there will be all perks of all troops and all spells. so i count (10 spells + 12 troops+monsters =22 total things).


Answers to your questions:


To unlock the second perk you need to upgrade the legendary item to the uber phase (practically they add uber after legendary). Most probably more high of rarity is an item, more difficult will be the success. I don’t know if you lose an item if you fail or you only waste your gems or worst thing ever your item go down to 1 rarity level. 

Then  i think that perks are given automatically with no decision. (in this case you need lot of luck to find what you like)

Stars in my opinion are refered in fact to the rariry of an item:

  • STANDARD no stars.
  • MAGIC 1 star
  • RARE 2 stars
  • EPIC 3 stars
  • LEGENDARY 4 stars
  • UBER 5 stars

Also you can notice that there are “half stars” from a rariry to another, this let me think that you have to upgrade multiple time an item to get access to the next level. For example from standars to magic just only 1 time of success; from magic to rare you have to upgrade it 2 time and so on…


Mine are only suppositions and only my opinions, they can be true like not.

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  1. not lose item

  2. chances depends only on number of succeed on certain item