Blade Storm


Blade Storm is an international alliance founded by NeverAngelic


We are a mature, chatty, war active alliance that is looking for loyal members.

We mainly speak English but everyone is welcome to join us.

Highest ranking is Top 150.


_ Skull record 1,161,553 !!! _


Currently Blade Storm is level 45 with 46% Gold Bonus.



Perks :-


  • Blazing Knights, Power Archers, Storm Cannons, Stunning Ogres, Howling Wolves, ** Tough Barricade & Range Bomber   activated 24/7**!!! (Unless otherwise specified in announcement)
  • Champs and Shields on during critical war ** times - Top Skullers will be selected as champs.**
  • Additional boosts such as Seasonal War Boosts and Frost Trap would be used throughout war when necessary. Use it to attack/defend and win wars! (In the future, maybe more will be boosted when members donations are sufficient!)
  • Security , if you meet the requirements and rules, you will remain as long as you want. You will not be replaced by people who is stronger/better than you. Unless you fail to obey the requirements and rules.(Like falling into inactivity or not attacking in war!)
  • There no politics or any injustice. I’ve kicked long time members/top donors for failing to meet the requirements and not communicating at all! (I gave them over 20 DAYS to comply, and yet they remained SILENCE FOR THE ENTIRE 20 Days…)
  • We are understanding  and would very likely give time for you to meet the requirements. Do state your reasons for why you can’t comply!

Requirements :-

  • Donate Daily!
  • 3000 Trophies and above only!
  • Minimum Donation limit 250k ( Alliance Tower level 10 )
  • Participation in war (Minimum 3 Attacks on every battle unless mentioned otherwise not to!)
  • Loyalty - through ups & downs! 
  • We are like  One Big Family   You don’t have to talk, but you should


We currently have 1 slots open!



We have :- 

  • - level 8 Blazing Knights
  • - level 5 Power Archers
  • - level 4 Stunning Ogres
  • - level 3 Howling Wolves
  • - level 4 Storm Cannons
  • - level 4 Tough Barricades
  • - level 4 Range Bombers
  • - 47% Gold Bonus!! :slight_smile:

We Kick members who never/seldom participate in War and members who rarely Donates!

We take war participation and frequent donations SERIOUSLY.

With that said, we are a Chatty, Mature, Loyal, fully War Active and Frequent Donating bunch.


Join us now!



I would like to clarify one thing: If you are inactive, we WILL kick you. However, you will ALWAYS* be welcome to rejoin us!



*Unless you’re a frequent culprit who always misses donation and skips war :angry:


Atm we got 3 Slots available, join now! We are international, loyal and we welcome anyone :slight_smile:

Bump for WAR! 3 slots available!

I hope we get to fight you in this next war. NeverAngelic vs. Angelic x3

I wish we could merge with our best players, =/  Sometimes I wish I can kick away all responsibility and just be an ordinary member in a winning alliance :stuck_out_tongue:

You know, that may actually be a possibility. We have 12 spots either open or that we could vacate. But that seems like way too much of a shift for our members to handle @.@

You know, that may actually be a possibility. We have 12 spots either open or that we could vacate. But that seems like way too much of a shift for our members to handle @.@

Although, I suppose that if you were to invite them back to Bladestorm (that way they’d be put into an equal-leveled guild) then I do have 18 spots under the 2k trophy range

I was hoping for something like 'Co-leader ’ from CoC in RR, and perhaps a Name merger_(without having to create a new alliance)_? IDK like Angelic Blade? Storm Angels? lol idk. Although name change+Co leader is technically/theoretically possible

Sounds good to me (: I only chose the name Angelic because of sentimental reasons. I’m probably the most relentless person there is x) Storm Angels sounds awesome :wink:

And of course co-leadership works. I treat all my generals as equals to myself, actually. Everyone gets an equal vote~

Haha! XD Nice

Just keep in mind, though, we are active War participants v_v Since there’s only limited room, I think it makes sense for the war participants to be merged, as well as the non-participants into the other guild.

Let’s talk to our guilds about it first just to make sure they’d be ok with it, though ^_^’

If we’re going to do it, though, we need to start today o.O Angelic currently has 8 spots open (will make more near the end of the war) and tomorrow we’re going up against someone’s who significantly stronger than us. Not unbeatable, but we would need the members unfrozen by tomorrow to keep our lead •~•


Bump! 3 Slots Open! Join now before war, we are gonna win the next round! 

Let’s win the War!

So you’re saying you wanna join up with us and you can make nice banner/poster for us?


Hop on over! War is starting =D ! Just you? I could totally use another author for my blog

Gonna level up any minute now, 3 slots available again! APPLY NOW! War in 3 hours!

Added this fabulous picture from loli  :wink:

We are winning atm and we WILL win this war, so far we are leading! Also Power Archers up! JOIN US NOW!! and stay for the 3 war boosts!

Angelic, replace the image by the new one that is in your PM.