blade tracker

This is what it looks like:


  1. You need basic HTML and JS knowledge. 

  2. I might update the core from time to time, you have to check commit history to apply the change to your website. 

  3. I might not post an update here when I change the repo. 


Source code:


how to set it up for your own alliance:

  1. Fork the repo, or duplicate it in some way. 

  2. For index.html, lines 12 and 42 is the title, lines 46 and 47 is navbar, starting line 56 is the message, you MUST to change line 111 to 114 to your own Disqus. Line numbers might change if I update something, but it should stay very close to the number. 

  3. You don’t need to change index.js; for data.js, put in donation requirement (put 0 if no requirement), and info of players of your own alliance, do not change things after the for loop, and init_HTML(); needs variables above it. 

Players should be registered like this: 

p.push(new Player(“Player Name”, Donation Cap, [Donation History]));

  1. You have to record data once a week, there is comment in data.js that tells you what you need to do, if you want the record period longer/shorter, you need to change index.js by yourself. 

  2. There is no try catch, if it is not working, you have to open dev tools to check what’s wrong and fix it yourself. 

  3. All libraries (jQuery, bootstrap) are pulled from CDN, you don’t need to worry about that. 

7. And last, please keep the footer; you are free to change everything else, but keep in mind that if it stops working, you have to debug it yourself. 



  1. Renamed to “Cat Tracker”

  2. Full client side scripting now, will no longer reload the page when switching between weeks.