Bladestorm is the new Firestorm! But...

I realized that now Bladestorm is the new (and better?) Firestorm:


  • Less Cooldown 9s compared to 13s (with max forgings) 4sec of difference

  • Higher Duration: 5s compared to 3s of firestorm

  • Range can reach higher or equal to Firestorm 6.75

  • Equal damage to troops and towers

  • Multiple Blockades/Barricades can be swept away with its high range


  • You need something to counterattack Firebolt Towers since Bladestorm is ineffective against them

  • You might have some problems killing some beasts



But… now Barricades and Blockades are useless in defense, you should increase slightly the resistance to the spell. Mainly Blockades should be more resistant than Barricades being made of iron and steel?

It’s very bad see 4-5 obstacles destroyed so quickly after so many months of upgrades and forgings.

Otherwise bases become just based on spikes and jester boxes…

Agree on the blockaded and barricades

I won’t even consider to continue upgrading barricades plus blockades? When a max barricade is destroyed 0.1 seconds later in comparison with a non maxed one, and both are down in a blink of an eye, why we would need those obstacles any longer? 

Very smart, this is called balancing. What can we expect next? That forges on blockades plus barricades make them more resistant against blade storm? I will now only max my spikes and my jester box. Why would I even forge blockades and barricades? They snap like baby twigs anyway by a bladestorm. And when it’s forged on blunt, I think troops will be in real trouble. 

Only thing is that not everyone started forging range of bladestorm, so for the time being of a few months those obstacles will be still not obsolete. After that it will be. 

Now we can start to collect bladestorm perks, instead of firestorm. 

Or we use towers and units to counter BS

And which towers and units would that be? Frenzies and monks, maybe firebolts instead of LT?

That’s true, but still barricades and obstacles will be worthless when someone uses bladestorm.

Don’t know yet, need time to adapt. But you are right, metagame will change dramatically. Many players will have to start over again, on BS and on defense. That’s not a bad thing I guess, keep us busy. Dynamic is good. We’ll see how things go in the next couple weeks

Right now, I would say let’s fiddle around with it for a while before giving a “final judgement” of the rebalancing. FG (and many others) tend to overdo rebalancings, i.e. make changes too big at a time, but… - uh, was about to say we need to try it out first, but… in fact changes are no longer active anyway, so uh… yeah, whatever… guess speculating is indeed all we can do atm… :lol:

Yes, this “balancing” of the Bladestorm spell is a clusterfuck. I have no idea how a player as experienced as Flothaboss could give the green light to this.

Bladestorm was already among the best spells in the game (thanks to the previous range update). Now it’s clearly the best.

Top damage, top duration, top cooldown, top range. It makes absolutely no sense.

Genius idea.


Now one of 2 things will happen:

  1. This “balancing” will be undone pretty quickly. It really doesn’t take much time to realise they messed up

  2. They will keep this up to avoid admiting their mistake

I’m really hoping for #1, but I’ll wait and see…

Maybe I indeed was a bit cynical there… yes I am aware there were reasons to undo the change for now, and I certainly prefer waiting a day and “only speculating” about the change for now over having server issues.

Still, especially after the premature change announcement from yesterday, I couldn’t but find the back and forth amusing in some way - independent from the fact that is surely unfortunate, annoying, a cause of frustration also on side of the devs and probably connected with considerable efforts to fix it up again as soon as possible, good luck with that by the way! - also because I saw players spread the back and forth in chat groups and similar places… first yesterday “server update, changes live!” then “fake announcement, no update/changes yet”, then today “now server update, changes live!” then shortly after “new update, changes gone again”. It just has a bit of unintended comical effect to it, even if the issues were/are all serious and real.

Hello! We have read everything you said, and took action:

The Barricades and Blockades will be more resistant to Bladestorm.

We will release this change at the same time as the range change. We added this to the Watch list as well here:


Important note: We already planned new content to counter the power of this new Bladestorm already, and they will be out soon. This change is indeed just to mix things up, so you have more fun possibilities in your offense!

Defence now is like a hell. Its overpowered,espessially in wars. Hope you feel it like me and others

Yes and we planned solutions for this as well, very soon :slight_smile:

blade storm main purpose is to destroy blockades!!plz don’t nerf that.its not a spell lyk sonic blast,firestorm or blizzard.killing its main purpose just to increase its range changes the playstyle nd the spell itself.blade storm is only effective against 2 towers nd 2 units in the game,it does lil or no dmg to other structures nd 50-65% effective against units.if players think having 6.7 range l b op den plz don’t increase the rather keep it at 5.45 than changing the purpose of the spell itself.DON’T nerf the bladestorm effects on blocks!!! Wait for feedbacks nd reviews from other players for at least a week!

short maintenance and beautiful rebalance
patch for a patch for a patch for a patch for a patch for a patch …

It is still good against Barricades and Blockades, no worries we know that this is its main purpose and we don’t want to remove it :slight_smile:

Thanks for ur answers flothaboss.    I personally love this game.   Ign: Valentino123

But honestly the implementation of the changes during events like pro, froster changes,.  Giving extra time by mistake do suck.   Specially when I am sleeping in my time zone and wake up to see I dropped 30 ranks suddenly

Hoping for some community week.   No comments on that thread as well

One needs a balance obviously, but having a difficult base feels good and is it’s own reward. Not sure how the expectation developed among many players (not you specifically) that they are entitled to a 100% raid. Maybe beating a great base should be the exception, not the rule. 

May be you are right . 

I just want chance scroll free in war. Now its unreal if you want to have 100%


Specifically for war battles I hope, where we get nerf’d of 5 bonuses.

Outside of war, difficulty doesn’t matter.