Bladestorm VS Werewolf

I don’t get it,


How could Bladestorm not kill Werewolf?  :huh:


Werewolf level 2 has -                                 7,700 HP, 

Bladestorm Level 6 does 2,487 * 5 (sec) = 12,435 of Normal damage.


I dont know how to calculate damage can someone explain me with examples?

game balance , thats it nothing more to explain

In tab the game show you the MAIN properties that has a troop: in the case of werewolf for example have resistence: 50% from fire and 25% from piercing but has weakness of 75%. This is what you see in the tab, but there are hundreds of calculations under this which are calculated with each type of troops, spells, towers and so on. But maybe the developers to not add also all the other types of damage, they summarize in max 2 resistence types and max 2 weakness types. So probably werewolf could have a resistence from normal damage about 100%? 50? 25? Who knows? To know the real values you should ask to developers: they could immediately tell you the value or maybe take days before they tell you this thing; but it doesn’t make sense because it’s not a big thing to know unless you are going to fill some Wikia or some special informations.

I think the damages that aren’t shown by the Tab of the troop/tower/spell etc, have 100% of resistence or weakness that could be a rebuttable answer.

The info just a guide, there are a lot hidden calculation we don’t know. But max bladestorm only 4k something. 4k damage should be done in 5 sec, not 4k per sec.

2,487 is full damage, not DPS

just some hidden stuff I think.



I was convinced it strikes that base damage (2,487) every sec it’s on!  :open_mouth:

Are you sure?


But if this is the case, how does it manage to ruin Level 7 Blockade with 7,460 HP?


Too bad the game is not honest about it’s mechanics  :blink:


Lol i’ve no idea what’s up with the elements on this game anymore  :mellow:


Thanks for clarifying though.

Anyway, that’s definitely something that should explained more… as for units it shows DPS (damage per second), why would it not show DPS for spells with a duration? :S