I dont like the new bladestorm its too strong now. We didnt ask for a spell that can destroy any barricade/blockade , lightning tower, heal tower and units within huge range.

The range incrasement was enough with the new lvl 13, it was fine , dont need to hit buildings of opposite side.

Set the range back to it’s original please.

No,  thank you.

Honestly, the spell would be a lot stronger if it actually did the stated damage. I still don’t believe it does. It doesn’t even kill snake towers that easily

ok lets see the strong points of BS.

1)it’s only effective against 2 towers in the game lighting nd heal tower.

2)only 3 units in the game has normal dmg weakness nd has 50-60% effective against all units.

3)how is this spell too powerful compared to firestorm?


  • cooldown is lower for Bladestorm

  • the range is higher

  • the effect is lasting longer

  • lower damage

  • Range isn’t much higher, gameplay wise, there isn’t really a difference

  • many fewer weaknesses to normal compared to fire

 ryt now its perfectly balanced…or at least not over powered

U turns are joke now , you go ahead casting a bladestorm then going back to troops, when you arrive to the turn there are no lt or obastacles stay alive , you just rush through the turn without any problem, its not good.

Firestorm cant destroy barricades/blockades and heal towers , also higher cd and lower range, that thing is balanced, bladestorm isnt, nothing to arguing about , those 2 spells are not the same category.

so FG should force players players to make firestorm they mandatory spell?

BS won’t 1 shot firebolt,firestorm is as effective as BS with boosted barricades.

fire storm has a max range of 6.68-6.7 same as BS.

firestorm has way more advantage than BS.

I talk about top bases, you talk about mid lvl bases , pointless topic.

this topic is pointless wen u started.crying abt 1 spell is childish.nd im not mid lvl player,have been playing this game for more than 2.5yrs.

Just keep playing, you will understand things later :slight_smile:

I’m high level and think bladestorm is fine as it is now

I think it was an intentional nerf of the overpowered LT.

I think it´s OK. Now there are more variants in this game!

If LTs were overpowered, nerfing them to restore balance would have been the right way to go.

Buffing Bladestorm again (the 2nd range buff) was the wrong move. It was balanced before, now it’s OP.

Flare missed a chance to balance LTs without unbalancing anything else.

flare did the right thing…thats for sure. 

Yeah, BS cleans almost everything everywhere with this enormous range. Actually, is the cooldown which is too short compared to FS and compared to the duration of the spell itself.

But you know, flare just LOVES everything related to B(ull)S(hit)…

yea bladestorm will clear everything in huge range,except…poision tower,gargoyle tower,frost tower,skull tower,firebolt tower,bomb tower,arrow tower,spikes,ogre,wolf,monks,necromancers,boosted knights,boosted airblaster etc etc etc…PS don’t cry for a spell that has a different purpose

I don’t know the version of the game you are playing, in mine I can use 2 additional spells and summon 3 types of troops to deal with the rest…I can give you firebolt towers, which just take a little bit more time without FS, but definitively much less deadly and problematic than LTs. Never meet a Tempest tower healed by Heal Tower? How much time you and your troops spend in the mannequin challenge, while you are waiting 13+ seconds for FS cooldown to deal a 3 seconds damage, probably wasted by healing effect?

Ohhh, if you say this, you are not using it properly…because of its duration it’s much more effective against troops than FS, one monk or one boosted arblaster and the 3 seconds of FS are wasted. “Effective” it’s not only weaknesses, only Vikings have resistance to normal damage. If this is not enough, you can add up to 1800 blunt damage with blacksmith.

PS: Don’t cry if after 2.5 years of (declared) experience in this game, you can’t figure it out by yourself, and when you finish the arguments you start insulting like…babies do.

totally disagree, no matter how long they play most players will never:

  1. reach / fight top bases
  2. understand how to min / max

As you say they are talking about a “different game” killing firebolt towers, which no one uses at the top.