Blast from the past is recruiting!

Blast from the past is recruiting!We are looking for active players who fight hard in the wars and donate daily



About the alliance: ⇒ Alliance Level: 27 ⇒ Gold Bonus: 32% ⇒ Tax Bonus: 11% We have players from all over the world, but we speak mainly in english – if you like to chat you are very welcome here. During the wars members can ask for boosts – so let us know what are the boosts that you prefer.



Member Requirements: ⇒ level 70 or higher ⇒ donate 50k or higher ⇒ score 1800 skulls or higher in wars Members must donate every day and be active in the wars. If for some reason you wont be able to play for some time you must notify the leader or one of the generals.




So do you have what it takes?

please apply or leave your ign below