Blessed Beasts - Unfair war - Needs improvement



The war season “Blessed Beasts” started and we were placed at the centre of the map. Our clan attacked on a group first.

Later, after an hour we found that we are playing into 4 different wars at the same time. 3 teams had attacked us added with the one we initiated.


The following are the stats from the current war. I have considered the max size for the team, rather than actual playing members as this varies across teams.


Our team size - Max expandable to 19 members

Team 1 - Max expandable to 32 members

Team 2 - Max expandable to 23 members (our attack on the team)

Team 3 - Max expandable to 21 members

Team 4 - Max expandable to 23 members (Team 2 attack on us)



We are a team of 19 members. Being involved in 4 wars make us 19 against around 99 people, which is quite unfair.

Moreover, with the available food from farms, each player can make upto 4 wars at once. 


So statistically, when the team plays in full strength, during a span of 24 hours, lets say we are able to get our farms up and attack them 4 times. The number of battles would be 19*4*4 = 304, in comparison to 99*4*4 = 1584. This number can thrash out any team in the game on day 1.


My suggestions on the areas of improvement would be to have a limit on the number of battles a team can participate or be attacked. Let it be 2 battles. It would provide equal opportunity to all teams. Smaller teams can also win over the powerful ones. This way the battles can be played till day 4 and it would be more exciting. 



Hero - Avenger220.

Team - Deadly Snakes



OK, so I don’t normally post on these kinds of topics, but I feel something has to be said.


First off, I am sorry your team is suffering this war season. I have been in your situation before and it is not fun.


That being said, I do not see any reason to complain to Flaregames about it. You haven’t been in this situation every war season, have you? You can’t win 'em all. It’s just like your private raiding; sometimes you defeat your opponents with ease, and sometimes your opponent has a max skull tower (or something equally annoying). Some war seasons you are severely undermatched, some war seasons you are overpowered, and some war seasons you are on par with everyone else. It just depends on the season.


Often the way it works is like this: suppose your alliance wins a war big. Let’s say you gain five fiefdoms or something. (Which is not too far off; you did make second place last war season, after all.) Now your alliance has more fiefdoms and rises in the fiefdom leaderboard. Next war season, you are likely to be matched against alliances that have higher fiefdom counts, because alliance war opponents are roughly chosen by fiefdom counts. Fiefdom counts do not ALWAYS match, but they are USUALLY close. So if you have more fiefdoms, you will tend to have stronger opponents next time. On the other hand, if you lose an alliance war by being crushed, let’s say you lose three fiefdoms, your ranking in the fiefdom leaderboard will fall. Next war season you will be LIKELY to fight easier opponents who also have fewer fiefdoms. So you can see the pattern is that of “rise and fall,” just like trophies on the trophy leaderboard.


Finally, the idea of a two-battle limit per team is interesting, but it would not solve the problem you are facing. Your problem is that you are the weakest on the map and that everyone is ganging up on you. If there were a two-battle limit per team, they would still be ganging up on you because you are unfortunately the easiest pickings. In addition, having a two-battle limit would not improve the chances of a weak team against a strong team; in fact, it would make it worse because then the weak team would have no chances of building up any sort of loser’s skull bonus. (And yes, I have seen some alliances win battles because of their extra skull bonus.) And what would be the point of having five days if you were only allowed two battles?


So, Avenger220, I am sorry your alliance is facing these tough opponents this war. Hang in there and fight to the death! Think of it as dropping fiefdoms, so that you can take revenge upon your opponents in the next war. :slight_smile:

It’s only five attacks each war so 20 total. That’s the equivalent of fighting two wars normally for your alliance members.

I’m complaining that our team isn’t in your situation!

We’re stuck on the corner of the map.

Put me in the center and beat us to death and even if we lose I’m going to get a bunch of war chests!

Exactly. More wars = more chests

At the moment all alliances in the war are avoiding mine lol

You’re lucky Avenger because this war season we have max 5 attacks to do, you can consider it as 2 normal battles and half as Phage said.