Blessing Bug

There is still a bug with blessings…

now that we can see alliance members bases it makes it a little more clearer

doesnt really have to do with who was on or off during time blessings were activated

Most likely, if you are logged on at any time your blessings will not show up (your blessings will show up on your map when testing defense but not others) only when you log off your blessings are activated

i can go down our alliance member page and everyone who is logged on doesn’t have blessings and those who are off do. Shortly after a person logs off their blessings appear

i am also showing that people who haven’t upgraded to newest version don’t have blessings activated either which is accurate with what devs are saying

if you want blessings to show up simply don’t log in anymore ?


Hey Detri, 

I had a look at it earlier, and even being online I could see the blessings. 

I just had to update the game for the other account first, then restart the game on both devices. 

After doing this, whenever I logged in on one device, I could see the blessings properly displayed on the other account too. 

I will have a second look at it tomorrow when at the office :slight_smile:

Hmm maybe not, a person just logged on that still has blessings activated

no idea anymore, doesn’t make sense

Hey :slight_smile:

If you see a pattern, please let us know. 

I’ll have a look into it tomorrow morning :grinning:

That’s a good point

we’ll check it out


I confirm that this bug still remains. This affect all players of my alliance (Worlds end).

The pattern is simple, when you are connected to the game, you have 50% (maybe more) chance to be unbuffed. Generally if you deco, the blessings will come back. With the new feature : test allied def, it is easy to see that.


It is the most annoying bug for the game at this moment :


  • Create frustration when you get successive wins but after a battle you loose trophies without earning gems, while the whole day, you were deconnected but you have got bunch of trophies .

  • Create frustration when you pay for blessings but they are not effective 100% of the time.

  • Discourage to pay for blessings


Why this bug is not the first priority of the Dev ? 


No official answer ? At least the conventionnal : " we take your point in account " … Not very good sign, maybe this bug is impossible to fix.


We are working on this one and will let you know as soon as we have more information. 

Thanks for the report! 

Well, this is still happening. Two members of Red Squadron on two islands, Detri full blessings and Crazycmm no blessings. We are spending millions of gold, and thus gems, per day to pay for these blessings but they don’t work. Either get them fixed or start refunding the alliances the gold you are taking under false pretences. 

so sick and im online !! everything you pay for doesnt work!

and forget the refunds, they are to greedy to pay for their mistakes, just thieves all i can say!!

I think after this bug will be fixed, FlareGames could give to all ally, a special ally gold treasure to compensate that (by ratio of gold spent). 


But the most important thing to focus atm, is not to work on refund but on this fix :slight_smile:


Thx Alysea, I’m hopping an answer more effective on this bug, but i’m glad to see that you know this issue.

alliance member asked me to try his path, i dont find blessings on it, some guys have blessing some dont have. very strange…?

It seems that this bug has been fixed …


Good jobs team  ! :slight_smile: