Blessing defense


I have seen from the last update that you have corrected the bug where blessing of an opponant may disappear all in the same time. 
I thought the bug was a benediction cause there is no way I could have won the fight. 

You put a matchmaking system where we can battle -2 , +15 lvl. Ok no problem for me,but if they have more than one blessing, there is no way we can won the fight in time without spending gems… And I don’t think people will stay if they have to spend gem each time they are attacking… 
So please do something, low the efficienty of the blessing(and the price…) , I don’t know, but it cannot stay like this …


It is rare that blessings are permanent, you have to wait and catch the moment blessings are’nt activated.

Moreover, regularly I defeat opponents with higher ascension level with two blessings.


I admit if the defense is very good and the opponent is stronger with blessings, I have to spend gems to defeat him. Gem spending seems mandatory if you want to play competitive, but you can play as you like it. This game allows to build/fight without any real losses, except for trophies, but the ascension progress is not broken even if you loose often.

I will say that the pairings and rewards still seem off.  I am a top 30 player, facing a top 25 player.  Offered 3 trophies to win, I lost and was penalized -57 trophies.  If I had known I was risking 57, I would never have attempted this difficult fight for just 3 reward.  I think we would all like to know what we risk when we battle, not just what we stand to win. 

80% of the opponents are unbeatable, 5-8 lvls above me with tons of blessings activated. Even if i use those gem powers at cooldown its risky. If i win ill get 1 to 3 trophy , if not i’ll lose 30-50.

Trophys are essential, if u drop to low gold is getting a problem.

Everyone in my alliance is able to donate 1-10.000 gold a day, because the hall of uranus is limited through lvl.

To afford a  single blessing without spendig gems it takes about 10 days donating for the whole alliance.

Remove those blessings, they are overpowered. They are ok in royal revolt, with 40 member alliances and players that can donate 50-500k a day. But here those buffs force players to leave the game. 







Almost all players are beatable even with blessings - granted a player who is 15-20 levels higher than you with blessings will be very difficult. This is an issue I encounter far to often. However that is a match making issue not a blessing issue.

if you are having issues defeating opponents within 5-8 levels of you with blessings try upgrading you powers and units

the thing is blessings are VERY expensive to activate and what’s the point in having them if they just disappear? 

I will say the trophy system and match making are extremely lopsided 


After yesterday update things are way better than before. I would like to mention though that now with Scylla nerf there is no way to defeat a blessed enemy that is 5+ higher than your lvl. And I am assuming that you are max out for your lvl and he is for his lvl.

So I am suggesting to revise a bit blessing as in a dev post you suggested that you don’t want us when we see a blessed enemy to just skip it as we don’t stand a chance. Even if the enemy is same lvl as attacker we need in current meta to use 3-4 invocations in order to win.