Blessing Numbers

When blessings are activated, they have numbers indicated in the top left such as “5/5” and “6/6”. What do these numbers mean? I’ve never seen “1/5” or anything like that. If it indicates a level, then why not just put the number “5” instead? Or even better, if the maximum number of levels are 6, why not put “5/6” to indicate currently at level 5 of a maximum of six levels?

Really don’t get what the “5/5” and “6/6” notation means. Can anyone enlighten me?

It’s the strength of your blessing. They get stronger as your alliance levels up. 

That makes sense. But why not just put single numbers (like 5) to indicate strength rather than two numbers (5/5). What’s the first 5 mean and what’s the second 5 mean?

How do you know what the maximum level for each blessing is by looking at the numbers?

Okay first number indicates current level of your blessing or while second number indicates the maximum level of that blessing.

That makes sense @HOLYDIVINE - the first number being the current level and the last number being the maximum level. That’s how I would have designed it. However, the numbers are either 0/n or n/n - never anything in between. When the blessings are not active, it’s 0/n. When the blessings are active, it’s n/n. 

It would make more sense to have it current level / max level as an indicator. So I still don’t get why it’s always either 0/n or n/n.

It’s because your alliance has levelled up to the point where your blessings are max. Start a new alliance if you want to see 1/5’s.

To be fair though, there was a period where blessings were not automatically paid for at max level, and you would have to prolong them and maintain them to hit the max level you’re capable of. The numeration was more important back then. Now it’s basically a useless relic of the old days.

So it may be time to rethink how those numbers are displayed?

I’d say it’s pretty darn low on the list of things that need to be changed. 


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