Blessings off since 2.6 update


Seems like the blessings bug is back again.

All units appear unblessed in my waves, even though they are activated.

I lost like 300 trophies overnight, that made me grumpy


Hey AwesomeDoud,

The blessings only appear that way in the Guardhouse. They should appear correct and function correctly elsewhere, including in battle.

Hi Captain,

Thanks. Do you mean the units have always appeared “colorless” in the Guardhouse?

I’ve given a few tries in attack and I’ve kicked some asses so they seem to be blessed indeed. My bad for that.

How could I possibly lose 280 trophies in a 7 hours sleep then? Especially since farming is no longer possible. Could that be because I use the griffons in defense (as per other thread open this morning) ?

Thanks :grinning:

After the update i see quite a few high trophy players in my map, i can get 1x trophies if i defeat them. However high trophy players rarely appeared on my map before, i almost always got 3 trophies per battle. So this could be the reason why u lost many trophies?

Griffins not attacking Barricades should not affect the efficiency of your defense. I’m not sure I can say exactly why you’ve lost so many in one night without looking further into the stats, but going by the high amount of Trophies you’ve managed to reach I could imagine it was just a bad night, since players around your level who have you on their islands are probably able to take a good deal of trophies from you per battle. :slightly_frowning_face:

The average trophy amount for players in the game has been rising quite rapidly recently, so I would not be surprised if you get players with more trophies on your islands.


I don’t really think it is just a bad night since I lost in the 12 hours following the update what I would normally lose in about 1 week. 

But that’s ok, I know the trophies always balance themselves at a certain level. And they don’t matter much anyway. :grinning:

I am curious about the changes in the matchmaking though.  :stuck_out_tongue:

the matchmaking was adjusted i’m pretty sure, before it was -10 +5, now -10 +10 or so. Good thing of having higher level players is that it makes attacks more challenging/interesting and sometimes gives more trophies rather than just 3  . And lower level players will see higher level ones on their map too, so i wouldn’t be surprised if I lose a lot of trophies