Blizzard Damage of Offensive Frosty Fritz Beast is lower than Pal Blizzard Damage

As you can see from the screenshots below, offensive frosty fritz has lower blizzard damage than the pal. This doesn’t make sense to use Pal Flute during raid. But also ice damage as well as the attack rate are lower. In practice spawn the offensive frosty fritz is a penalization. @FTB



Wow, that is really ■■■■■■ lol

Actually most of my pals are like that, oddly…

I.e My Bucky has more shield compared to my vicious Bucky from pal flute.


I think FTB will again explain the reason is to balance the Blood Pump boots

This is indeed the case why offensive Beasts seem to have almost similar powers than pals, because they use their power 2 times more often.


BUT there is actually an issue with the scaling of the power of offensive Beasts linked to your hero level, the stats of Opelle’s offensive beasts should be still a bit higher here to match the pals and be a bit better, we will fix this, thank you for forwarding this Opelle.

Hi Flothaboss

Is possible to cast the beast hability two times without the boots?


Yes you can, you have to reach 7.0 sec of transform. duration.

Thanks a lot, oPelle! :slight_smile:

Sometimes it depends on which beast. Example, i have found that 0.50 attack rate beasts (eldrak and nidhogg) can cast twice easily, while 0.70 beasts need more timing and luck. Phoebe (at 0.85) just about does it when forged to 7.0s. Depends. 

Thanks for the reply. I want to use Ceres. 32 Spirit morale sounds good.

what is the highest lv of pal flute and what are the stats when it gets maxed. Like transform duration & battlecry time??

Level 4 is the max. Battlecry is 3.2s and transform duration is 6.0s; both can be forged.