Blizzard gear bug

Few days ago, I checked all my gears and I noticed that blizzard gear has a bug about its extra damage.



Only 57 extra damage for that extra value of “75881”?

That makes no sense at all…

Right of the bat… I never understand the meaning behind the Spell Boost, Unit Health or Unit Damage boost perks values.

Those values are usually much higher than what it translates into.

I think we should have the real damage/health values on the perk…

So it doesn’t arise confusion like this.

Because, right now… That “75k” value translates to “bananas”, or even "“potatoes”…

'Cause it makes no sense at all, there’s no correlation to the final value… Nothing.  :rolleyes:



Thank you for showing that to us. Indeed, there is definitely something wrong. We’re looking into the issue and working on fixing it.



We looked into the issue and it is only a visual bug. That means, in battles everything’s correct. However, the issue will be fixed with the upcoming update.

Yes, it’s a visual bug: I tested my base and I noticed that blizzard with my blizzard gear has damage more than doubled respect to blizzard without blizzard perks. Correct extra damage is 4902, while blizzard without blizzard gear has only 4846 damage. It means that total damage is 9748.