Blizzard lvl 10 and Arblaster lvl 6



My Blizzard lvl 10 and Arblaster lvl 6


Firstly i wanna say sorry to all ppl from vietnam.regarding this title or etc


1 weeks ago some one attk me … this guy at lvl 72 … and he can attk me with perfectly (3*)


so i try attk him … but i cant make it … only 1* so weird … my blizzard cant kill his arblaster …in one hit …( in my mind … what going on in here ) :slight_smile:


so i go test my own base … alot time … my blizzard  can kill perfectly my arblaster … in one hit ( without fail )


My mistake … forget to screen Shot all the prove but his flag from vietnam …




Sorry to Say … 

If he was running the double boost of Arblaster (Frenzy Frost Blaster + Uberblaster) it’s normal since they get a resistence of 50% to ice.

Werent his arblasters elite?

Nope … 100% normal arblaster


Nope … his arblaster is in normal mode …

It doesnt make sense. You must had missed something

hehehe iam not bro … 


my mistake … forget to take screen shot as are prove 

I thought a non-maxed blizzard never kills a maxed arb?

If it should, maybe there was a wolf howl?

I know if you get frosted spells don’t work so good could this be reason. just trying to eliminate possibilities dude cheating sux!!!