Block List Players

Why does this game not have a block list?

I find it unacceptable that an online game does not have one of these. What do I do when a player much stronger than me is attacking me every day without stopping? Discourage playing this.

And to prevent a person from blocking half of the players, the list could be finite, like 3~5 slots.


I can’t reply this topic, the option does not appear.

There’s a lot of bitching about being raided in a game made about raiding each other!

So I am 100% against this!  It’s litterally part of the game!


Giving each player the option to permanently protect himself against 1 or maybe 2 players maybe a way to prevent bitching.  And a good idea from a corporate point of view.  (Keep the customer happy.  Like Flare ever cared about us!)

So you might be on to something. 

I’d make it just like the gold shield, it doesn’t prevent raiding just protects you.  Same as raids during a war.

There should not be a block list. If you are part of an alliance the problem could very well be within, and you are part of the  reckoning by that player to destroy that alliance. 

What is it that is being taken from you in this game? Is it not the very same things you are taking from someone else? 

My best suggestion for you to enjoy this game is to be patient and control the things that cannot be taken from you.

If that attacker has friend request open try and message them and ask why. 

If you post IGN here of your attacker, I can take a look and see what strategy might help you also.

You had me until the but…