Block Player List in-game

Similar to what we are equipped with here on the forums, I would like to be able to block players in the game. I’m sure I need to explain. Let’s say I want to keep friend requests on, but I don’t want anyone to keep friend requesting me over and over, I would just block them. Now, some of you might say, “Well, to avoid that, just keep the player’s request.” While this may work to ease some players, I really don’t want to have that flash going over my friends list 24/7. I think this block list would really benefit the game

Go in your Profile and uncheck : Friend Request

PS : I’m kidding I tihnk you know this feature :stuck_out_tongue:

Same thing like Alliance invite. 2 choice : Keep it or uncheck invite. Not much option for now

Maybe in a future update allow us to choose the frequency of the invitation from the same person or same alliance. Each 30 minutes,each hour,each day, 1 per week. 1 per month,etc… 

Maybe you missed what I said in my post, but I said that if you want other players to be able to friend request me, but you want to block one or two players that keep bugging you

Sorry my bad maybe its me but still don’t understand what you means. I see no one have answer so maybe I am not alone who don’t understand well what you ask. if you can elaborate more cna help us to understand more. Thanks