Blue Line ranked 9-11 accepting, trophy lvl does not matter

Hey there, we at Blue Line are looking for players who are willing to be active and be equal in our alliance. 

To not give away our plan and have others copy it before we get everyone on board I wont share this with everyone but will tell you this.

You wont have to pay more than $4 to be in our alliance, we do not require ridiculous purchases of gems but you must at least have the $4 daily gem chest. 

We will require you to donate via those gems a couple times per month spread out over the month.

Heres what you get!


  1. This awesome Alliance Name!

  2. Currently 50% gold bonus

  3. We always have 2 blessings up, starting June 1 we are adding a third. These never go down, ever. 

  4. Super fun and active Line Chat group, the game chat sucks (sorry Flare games but it does) so you’ll need Line as well.


This is it, I dont even care what level you are or what youre trophies are at. As long as youre willing to go along with us and donate like everyone else does and here is why I dont care about your trophy count

IT DOESNT MATTER! At our high level it takes THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of trophies to get 2% more gold…yay… so I would rather have a member whos active and willing to be part of a group. 


If that is you message me on Line cmilliorn, also post here so it bumps my post please. 

Weve gained 3 new members since this post, we have about 4-5 spots left. 

I have to say, at first before joining I was struggling with the idea of obligate donations, but in the end it’s a really fair deal, everyone donates and everyone gets the benefits of it as a whole. We put it to vote which blessings get activated and that is how it should be + you get in a friendly and active Alliance in which you can talk all the time about the game : D