Blue Line Recruitment

Blue Line is seeking new members to add to the family. We’re currently a level 37, Top 10 alliance and have been around since the beginning. We keep the all Blessings as well as War Blessings maxed out and running 24/7 for our members. Our alliance is full of very active and experienced members that work together to make Blue succesful. Blue Line belongs to its members, nobody is more important than the next and everybody has a voice. If you’re looking for a competitive alliance with a great atmosphere join Blue Line.

Requirements for membership:

  • Must be active.

  • Download Line App and add  Spookz or post ID in game chat.

  • Minimum level 8 Hall of Uranus.  We will work with you and give you time to upgrade as we understand it requires both time and gems.

  • Donate daily

  • Acension level 70+

  • Please communicate!!! Social aspect is half to fun! Especially when you’re in an alliance with a great group of people!


If interested in joining and growing with Blue Line, please post in-game name and we will send you an invite or send a request in game. You can also send Spookz a personal message via Line or using this forum.