Blue Line - Top ~10 Alliance Recruiting Members

Blue Line has a few open spots for new members

Some backround information about the alliance:
Blue Line used to be a very active alliance and was most of the time amongst the top 10 alliances, even top 1 for some time. In the summer season after a breakdown, things became quiet, nevertheless Blue Line stayed always between the top alliances but lacks a bit of spirit right now. 

What do we want?
To bring Blue Line back again to its shining past and make it a nice and fun community and you can be a part of it. 

What do we provide?

We have always blessings activated, how many blessings are activated depends on how much gold we have, as we progress we will have more and more activated and we all vote which blessings we activate. We also provide a nice community where you are free to ask and talk about whatever you want, we have a few core members with very good knowledge about the game. And we are within the top 10 alliances and are eager to climb higher. 

What do we need?
Active members that have fun playing the game and enjoy being part of a community. 

What do we require?
The basic requirements are: Ascension Level 60+, 4000+ Trophies, Uranus Level 8+ prefered and daily donations, gem donations (if you can donate with your Uranus 500 gems you need to donate twice per month, if you donate 750 gems you need to donate once per month), Line Chat, English.

How do I apply?
Reply in this thread that you have applied and send me a private message with your in-game name, ascension and uranus Level, trophies

We are still looking for members.