Blue Line Top 3 alliance recruiting


Blue Line just maxed out to maximum members. We have a steady group with low turnover. We are looking for some new members to fill our last few spots. If you’re looking for a fun, friendly and organized group go no further. 


  1. We require donations monthly using gems. 

  2. Must use Line app

  3. Be friendly


We don’t have set rules on your level or trophies.


For exact rules please message me here or on Line. 

Line ID cmilliorn 

2 spots left 

Hallo people… We are looking for 1 member for our team…

thank you

Invite me plz. Codeman906 in game level 59, 2258 trophies



You can find me in SEAL(most of the time)


Careful he came in ours claiming to be a drugged out gangster who is under “hotel” arrest because his ho framed him along with many other stupid comments.

it was just an idiotic act to try to stir the pot but I wouldn’t suggest letting this guy in - he’s been in like 4-6 alliances past week or two

The true facts are that you kicked me out at least 4 times back to back after welcoming me by demanding a donation that I didn’t give. I did donate the max to an guild other than SEAL.