Blued Edge is an active alliance (wars and ninjas) that also cares about you!

Blued Edge is an active alliance that is full of really great people …and we looking for a few more who enjoy fully participating in war and ninja events.

Our (primarily) English speaking team is spread across the globe. Everyone on the team is kind, helpful and has an optimistic, go getter attitude. If and when you join us, you’ll see that we are committed to welcoming you and supporting you. The group chat window has a nice pace of conversation and there are plenty of people to answer any questions you have. We care about teamwork and being kind. Blued Edge is a team that has been in place for a few years. Most people who join tend to stay for a long time due to the relationships that are formed and because they feel cared about in a fun environment.

We don’t really have a minimum level to join, but you may feel that the events/wars are easier for you if you’ve achieved at least 1,500 trophies. You’re welcome to join at a lower level but you’ll have to be patient with the war events while you’re working on building up. 

Our only request for remaining on the team is that you stay active in the events (wars and ninjas) since we are trying hard to have a 100% active team. We’re good at being human and understand that life gets busy so if you can’t participate in events, just please communicate in the main alliance chat window so that we understand that it is a special case instead of you deciding that the events are no longer something you are interested in.

If you like teamwork, fun and nice people, an active alliance, and you’re willing to fully participate in wars and ninja events, then Blued Edge is the right alliance for you. I really hope you join us! I can’t wait to welcome you and become friends!

Out of curiosity, what do you look for in an alliance?